We May Visit You Faster Than Your Children

Bear Rock Electric, Inc. (BRE) as always is at the forefront of offering the best initial and continued service to our customers. This often coincides with BRE’s commitment to stay on the forefront of technological advances that will help us serve our clients’ needs even better.

Enter Mobile Link™!


Mobile Link is the new cellular remote monitoring system from Generac® that lets you check your generator’s status even when you are away. Using your computer, tablet or smart phone, Mobile Link provides a personalized web portal where you can view your generator’s status, maintenance schedule, event history and much more. Get E-mails or text notifications the moment there is any change in your generator’s status. Customize your notification settings to choose what type of alert you want to receive and how often.

BRE goes one more huge step… if you have previously given approval; your Generac generator will automatically send a notification to BRE via E-mail that your generator is need of servicing! Now this emergency service need is all very hypothetical, because as we all know, Generac generators are among the best-built, most reliable generators on the market AND they are made in America. What a peace of mind though, that this feature would create.

Picture it…. Your elderly parents at home before a pending storm and unable to get out and check their generator. BRE receives an automatic E-mail via cellular service when anything happens with the generator, especially if it is not running for any reason. This is a direct communication line between the generator and the master electricians of BRE, an Authorized Generac Sales and Service Dealer.

With Mobile Link, you will always know exactly what your generator is doing, or not doing, and if you would like, BRE will know too!



Mobile Link Personalized Web Portal:

  • Current generator status
  • Battery voltage
  • Frequency during operation
  • Adjustable maintenance schedule and log
  • Remotely set exercise time
  • Status history log
  • Dealer locator
  • Local weather updates


Mobile Link E-mail or Text Notifications:

  • Notification of successful exercise
  • Maintenance reminders
  • Change in status (AUTO START/MANUAL START/OFF)
  • Fault notifications
  • Designate up to four different accounts to receive email
  • and text notifications

With every Mobile Link installation, BRE offers special discounts and waived fees for each calendar year. Please contact BRE for more information at: https://bearrockelectric.com/contact/.