The Power of Good Maintenance

The importance of continued maintenance is not a new concept for anyone who has ever made an expensive purchase.  From automobiles to lawn tractors, maintenance check-ups not only extend the life of the machinery, but are also required to maintain any warranty agreements.

This is no different for the Generac® generators sold and serviced by Bear Rock Electric, Inc. (BRE).  Generac requires regular maintenance on the generators; otherwise the warranties may not be honored.  Generac is well-known as one of the best, most reliable generators available. But even the most reliable pieces of equipment can falter.

Just like cars need tune-ups and oil changes, your generator needs regular maintenance also… at least once a year.  BRE offers protective maintenance option plans, meant to save customers money in the long run and add even more value to their Generac generators.

With a Maintenance Plan from Bear Rock Electric, you are automatically a member of our Platinum Emergency Plan.  During storms, power outages and emergencies, you are the priority over emergency calls from new customers experiencing problems or requiring a rental generator.  We also send alerts and reminders throughout the year about your generator and any impending weather concerns.  You have made an investment in us, and we are invested in you.

Under a BRE maintenance plan, our lead Generac technician will visit you for maintenance and follow-up.  Any concerns or issues identified will be corrected on site under your Generator’s warranty agreement (factory or extended), and if it is not covered under warranty, we will notify you and obtain pre-authorization for any service work required with the estimate of the cost of trip charges, materials and labor.  Additional visits may be required depending on the issue.

It is important to remember that all service or emergency calls not covered under your generator’s warranty may have additional charges assessed.  This information is spelled out in the BRE Maintenance Plan.  You are always encouraged to consult your warranty about what is and is not covered. And you are also always welcome to call BRE directly for clarification.

As was previously announced in another news item, BRE is also offering Generac’s Mobile Link™ system. Mobile Link is the new technologically-advanced cellular monitoring system that lets you check on your generator’s status and receive notifications when something is needed (or not working) using your computer, tablet or smartphone.  If BRE is added to your generator’s contact list, we receive these notifications automatically.

With every Mobile Link installation, BRE offers special discounts and waived fees for each calendar year. Please contact BRE for more information at: .