Lean on the Rock – Depend on Bear Rock Electric

Bear Rock Electric, Inc. (BRE) has arrived to fill the Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC’s needs for highly skilled, reasonably-priced electrical work. Whether needed to handle rewiring a home or business’s entire electrical structure, digging trenches or providing electricity to a garden or hot tub, BRE is the electrical contractor to handle all needs, commercial and residential. Founder and owner Nicole C. Close stresses that there is “no job too small; Bear Rock Electric can handle any project.”

Our business model was purposely created to utilize highly-trained and experienced electricians hired from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 26; and to provide genuine and outstanding customer service. Each IBEW electrician participates in minimum five-year training apprenticeship, including 800 hours of instruction and 8,000 subsequent hours of on-the-job training.

Close believes that by using professionally skilled electricians, customers will not be waiting needless weeks to have work completed; nor will they have any doubt regarding the competency of the professional given access to their home. “So you will not only be assured that your project will be done well,” Close notes, “but also be done quickly and efficiently.” She continues on that “I know when I call a service organization, I want to know that they are genuinely interested in my business, my problem, and will be able to think and act professionally to address and complete my project.”

Inspiration and a true entrepreneurial spirit led to Nicole Close’s founding of Bear Rock Electric, a woman-owned, woman veteran-operated company. Her father and grandfather were both electricians and given the lack of electrician jobs in the current economy she felt compelled to create BRE for “more employment opportunities in the local area” she says. BRE also has a strong link to our veteran and military families as her father, both grandfathers and her great-grandfathers all served in the United States Military, as well as many of her family members and employees.

Having been named the 2011 Entrepreneurial of the Year for Women in Technology, Close certainly has the track record for her endeavors, and Bear Rock Electric is becoming the go-to company for first-rate, reasonably priced electrical work with outstanding customer service.