Greater Protection – Increased Value NEW 7 and 10 Year Extended Generac Generator Warranty Packages

Generac Generators have become a cornerstone of Bear Rock Electric’s generator sales, installation and service. This is no surprise as Generac’s uncompromising emphasis on quality has never ceased. Generac, who engineers and builds their generators in the United States of America, believes there are no shortcuts to quality, and their track record with BRE and our customers is certainly evidence of that philosophy.

Generac has just made their generators even more valuable to BRE’s customers in announcing new, 7-year and 10-year extended warranties. The 7-year and 10-year extended warranty packages are exciting additions as they allow BRE to provide full bumper to bumper coverage (mileage, parts and labor) for ALL years of the warranty package.

While current BRE customers that already have a 5-year extended warranty are not eligible for an upgrade to either of the new packages, BRE is able to offer 5-, 7-, and 10-year warranty packages to any customers that are within the 1-year activation period of their generator and have not yet purchased this extra coverage.   The 5 year Extended Warranty remains available for purchase as well, which opens up broader opportunities for customers.

“This Generac announcement is a testament to the value and longevity of your automatic standby generator in that Generac is willing to stand behind their product, and speaks to one of the main reasons we choose to be a Full Sales and Service Dealer,” commented Nicole Close, owner of Bear Rock Electric. Inc.

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