Giving Back to Those Who Have Given So Much

Christmas brings to most people warm fuzzy thoughts of family and friends and memories of picking up the Christmas tree with Dad and eating Mom’s homemade cookies. But with so many moms and dads making the effort to keep our country safe, Christmas can be a rough time on kids in military families. Already having to spend holidays without a parent is already tough, but add to that the financial burdens experienced by military families and the holidays can be a challenging time indeed.

Operation Happy Holidays (OHH) is a mission embarked on by communities all across the country, including Fort Detrick in Frederick, Maryland. The mission is to assist families in the military community exhibiting a financial need by supplementing their holiday season with food, clothing and gifts provided by the unit, organization, and individual sponsors.

The Bear Rock Electric (BRE) family this year is a contributing sponsor of Operation Happy Holidays. While BRE corporately makes many efforts all year long to give back to the community, Operation Happy Holidays is especially endearing, with so many of BRE’s customers and so many of BRE’s personnel having served or being family members of those that have served or are still serving.

While the reason behind OHH makes one pause and perhaps even be a little sad, there is also a happy, joyful side to this mission. What fun there is to getting a list of ages and genders of the OHH family, and going out shopping with those individuals in mind. Christmas Eve and the morning of Christmas Day are especially poignant because in our hearts we know a child somewhere is getting to open presents brought by Santa, and the family is getting to sit down to a warm Christmas dinner. We may not know that child personally, but we are all familiar with the smile spreading across his or her face. And we can all relate to the peace and contentment in heart of a military dad away from his family, knowing that his family is warm and not having to go without on Christmas.

BRE encourages everyone to give to this worthy cause and sponsor a family. In this already fiscally challenging time, military families are especially vulnerable to economic challenges. Children who have had to give up a parent for the holidays should not have to go without food, warm clothing and even fun gifts to open on Christmas morning.

For more information on Operation Happy Holidays at Fort Detrick, Maryland, please go here.

Operation Happy Holidays/Fort Detrick

Everyone at Bear Rock Electric wishes all of our veterans, partners, customers, families and friends, and our troops in the field a very Merry Christmas.