Generate Peace of Mind and Create an Investment in Your Home

When homeowners consider purchasing an automatic standby generator, and the peace of mind that comes with having reliable backup power, one of the biggest concerns they consider is the investment of such a large purchase, how many times the power will be out, how long would the power be out, and how long they may reside in their home. Those concerns are not without good reason. Reliable, standby power is an investment in your family and your home.

Like many other large home improvement projects, however, the actual upfront costs must be weighed against the value added to the home, and the probable recouping of costs in the sale of such well-equipped homes. Cost recoupment is always an important task for homeowners before embarking on projects that require the investment of valuable financial and time resources.

For the Southern Atlantic states, including Maryland and North Carolina, investing in backup power generators remains the second most valuable home improvement project, averaging a full 63.8% cost recoupment and value, according to benchmarks and cost vs. value analysis provided by top remodeler’s resource, Out of 23 categories, only attic bedrooms recoup a higher percentage of costs than backup power generators.

Generac, an American-made leader in backup power generators, makes the investment decision even easier, with a reliability record second-to-none, an array of choices and revolutionary features such as their HomeLinkâ„¢ manual transfer switch, an industry original.

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