Dare to Compare: Why We Chose to Earn a Place as an Authorized GENERAC Dealer

Bear Rock Electric, Inc. (BRE) strives to be in the forefront for providing our customers with the best services, most innovative quality driven products, and provide the most helpful information available. With this passion to service and quality, we specifically set out to become an authorized Generac Dealer.

There is no question, particularly in light of recent challenges brought by Mother Nature to the northeastern United States, that a reliable and constant power source is invaluable in all four seasons.  When we decided to add generator sales, installation and service to our commercial and residential electrical contracting business, we went through an exhaustive search of products that would best suit the needs of our customers, including being of the utmost value. We needed to look no further than that of Generac.

Generac’s emphasis on quality is in perfect concert with our mission. Generac believes that “there are no shortcuts to quality,” and we at BRE could not agree more. And given the fact that Generac is also engineered and built in the United States of America by hard-working Americans sealed the deal for us.

Generac correctly notes that all of its major competitors are involved in other businesses, while Generac is focused on one thing and one thing alone—power generation.

We dare you to compare the information below, as we are sure you will agree, Generac, recipient of the 2011 Wisconsin Dealer of the Year Award, is the real deal.   With Bear Rock Electric and the Generac product, you and your loved ones will be protected.

For more information on Bear Rock Electric’s quality-driven services, please contact us today at 888.688.9927 or complete our online inquiry form at “Contact Us” from our website https://bearrockelectric.com/contact/.