Choosing Your Master Electrician

Bear Rock Electric, Inc. believes in delivering the best service and electrical expertise to its customers. This requires that the skilled electricians of BRE stay current on the latest NEC code, maintain appropriate certifications, training and knowledge of emerging technologies.

Continuing education is important for workers and managers in most industries. This proactive education is especially crucial for master electricians. Continuing Education Units, CEUs, are vital for the electrician to be able to provide the most up to date and appropriate code compliant work that is ensures a safe, reliable service to the community.

Part of the electrician’s continuing education is to stay current on the annual changes to the National Electrical Code (NEC). Chris Albrecht, BRE’s Master Electrician, got an early jump on the 2014 NEC updates, taking part in a two-day national code seminar this past December 2013. The seminar allowed attendees to gain an understanding of the 2014 NEC’s latest additions, revisions and changes, along with learning and being reminded of the precautions needed when working with and around electricity.

NEC knowledge is one more reason why it is important for residential and commercial property owners to hire electrical contractors that ensure that a master electrician will be on-site for every job, and leading the job. Our BRE Master electrician is pro-active on training, certification and education.

BRE ensures that a master electrician is on the jobsite for every installation. With competitors, you might be paying for a master electrician but might not be getting one. It is also a good idea that property owners confirm that their electrician is indeed licensed. This only requires a small investment of time to ensure something so vital. Maryland consumers simply need to go the Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation website ( Other states have similar resources.