BRE: Keeping the Lights On

Bear Rock Electric, Inc. (BRE) provided an early Christmas gift to Juniata College in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania.

Juniata PictureSevere thunderstorms, massive snowfall, and similar weather events are nothing new to Central Pennsylvania, where Huntingdon is located. As it turns out, while Juniata College had a generator in their Field Station, ready to protect students and staff during occasional, unpredictable power outages, the generator was not running near its capabilities.



Enter the master electricians of Bear Rock.  The BRE team got in there and fixed things up in no time.  Now students can depend on power for their lights and to have access to a fully operational commercial kitchen no matter how bad the weather.





Juniata, the alma mater for Nicole C. Close, BRE’s founder and CEO, was the natural choice for BRE’s beneficence.  Nicole always stays active in the college community, with a commitment to alumni programs and helping to mentor and counsel budding science and business leaders.

Juniata College is an independent, private, four-year liberal arts school founded in 1876.  Juniata’s motto “think-evolve-act” is at the core of Bear Rock Electric.  For more information on Juniata College please find them at

For more Information about Bear Rock Electric please contact them at 888.688.9927, or at [email protected].