EV Charging Systems

EcoXpert_EVCharger_IconPicBRE is a Certified EcoXpert with Schneider Electric for sales and installation of Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Solutions for both residential and commercial uses.

The Schneider Electric EcoXpert Certification Program helps contractors to advise, sell and install a broad range of pre-engineered energy solutions across commercial, industrial and residential applications.

BRE is only the second electrical company in Maryland and the second in North Carolina to receive certification as a Schneider EcoXpert installer of charging solutions for EVs.  This designation certifies BRE to sell a full range of energy efficient and renewable energy solutions that provide customers safe, reliable, efficient, and greener operations.  With this certification, BRE is exclusively able to offer extended warranties to customers from 6 to 24 months after installation.    BRE also is proud to sell other types of EV Charging systems that are customized to the location and requirements.

Mass produced electric vehicles are here. Practically all major automakers will be, or has plans to, introduce electric, plug-in or hybrid vehicles into their product lines. As growing attention for environmentalism is becoming more mainstream, drivers will look to purchase alternative fueled vehicles.

There are advantages for both residential and commercial customers for installing EV charging stations. EVLink 2nd Generation Residential Unit

Commercial Advantages:

·         New revenue model: Electric vehicle charging stations provide a new unique revenue model for charging station owners. You’re the new gas station, so you’ll have the ability to set prices for charging at your location.

·         Be an EV leader above direct competitors:Business is strategic. You have to be brave to make the best decisions for the direction you’re going in. Responsible businesses are becoming more sustainable. They’re leveraging their bottom line, by paying attention to the people, price, place, promotion and planet. Electric vehicle charging stations don’t make you apart of the green movement. You’ll lead it.

·         Help the environment: Electric vehicle charging stations help support the electric vehicle movement, help end our dependence on foreign oil, and help us lead sustainable, healthier lives.

Residential Advantages:

·         Savings: While there are initial costs for purchase and installation of home EV charging units, the cost of powering your EV will be significantly less than what you would pay at the pump to fuel a traditional vehicle. Based on currently available electric vehicles and average electricity rates, it’s estimated that an EV owner will save approximately 75% in fuel costs by switching from gasoline to electricity. For instance, to power your vehicle for 100 miles using a Level 2 charger, it may require up to 4 hours of charging time at a cost of about a $1 a day.

·         Rural location: While EV charging stations are difficult to find in metropolitan locations, this is even truer in suburban and rural locations.  An installed, home-charging station will provide convenient access regardless of location.EcoXpert Pic