We’ve said a lot about ourselves here – so we thought we’d let our customers have a turn:

“My husband enjoyed talking with you and the job was well done. I am so pleased and would be happy to refer you to anyone who needs electrical work done in the most professional manner.”
– E.J. from Frederick, MD

And then we heard from E.J. again:

“Good to hear from you. I need an idea of what it might cost to have an electric line run so that I can replace my gas stove w/electric. I was so pleased with you and your company last time that I thought I would contact you first.”
– E.J. from Frederick, MD

“BRE was great. Advised us that it would be more costly to disassemble existing lights, that better option was to install LED lighting in lieu of. He disconnected all lights that were not working. It was a pleasure to have him here and we will definitely use BRE in the future and recommend to all of our friends.”
– R.M.C. from Frederick, MD

“Thank you for the wonderful job you did.”
– J.K.S. from Downtown, Frederick, MD

“We both thought BRE was great and we really appreciated the advice. We will definitely keep BRE in mind for any future needs.”
– M.S. from Rockville, MD

“Thank you and your staff for a well-done monitor installation that other electricians said couldn’t be done. Additionally, please know that you have an exceptional resource in your Superintendent…Layman though I am, I can readily appreciate your apparent trade skills; yet I value certain of his other attributes as much or more – namely, his abilities to listen to a customer, to comprehend the need and to think outside of normal lanes to effect a solution. I commend your organization and your Superintendent in particular for your “can do” attitude, and I wish you the continued success you deserve.”
– K.L. from Winfield, MD

“Yesterday, you performed the maintenance and battery replacement on my generator, and everything turned out very nice. It’s good seeing people who do a job well, and take pride in their work. The previous maintenance company didn’t do a very good job. In fact, you discovered one of the spark plugs was never changed, and it was on a maintenance contract over 5 years!”
– G.S. from Columbia, MD

“Thank you for your attention to my minor problems but that is just the start. there are many things to do here. Chris was a real pro and I enjoy his work and knowledge.”
– C. P. from Fulton, MD